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DailyColors™ Color Plant Nutrients from the Mediterranean Diet

DailyColors™ Color Plant Nutrients from the Mediterranean Diet

🍎 Supports Healthy Aging

🇬🇷 Based on the Mediterranean Diet

🌿 161 phyto-nutrients derived from 16 fruits & vegetables

🔬 Patented & Clinically Tested

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should I Take DailyColors?

We recommend 2 capsules once/day. You can take the supplement with or without food, morning or night.

Where Is Your Supplement Produced?

DailyColors is made in GMP plants – the highest International standard. Made in the USA.

Does This Replace My Multivitamin?

We recommend adding DailyColors to your supplement routine, while also taking a multivitamin. The phytonutrients found in DailyColors are likely not in your multivitamin.

When Should I Start To See Results?

We recommend taking DailyColors for a minimum of 60 days.

Fruits and Vegetables Without Color?

They don’t look very healthy, do they? Because they are NOT so healthy without the nutrients that create their colors.

Nutrients like lycopene make tomatoes red, quercetin makes onions yellow, anthocyanins make blueberries blue, and luteolin makes kale green.

That’s just 4 color nutrients... DailyColors contains 161 color phytonutrients!

Combine it with your favorite vitamin supplement for a science-backed support of healthy aging.

How Does DailyColors™ Support Healthy Aging?

As we age, those little 'energy factories' called mitochondria in our cells don't work as well in turning food into energy. This inefficiency makes us feel tired more frequently, and it speeds up the aging process.

Good news is, there have been clinical tests on DailyColors™, showing that it can help our bodies defend the existing mitochondria and even assist in making new ones. So, it's like giving our cells a little boost to stay vibrant and energetic!